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The Trail Ends At Dawn

Looking up to the sky, the untrained observer would see a brilliant shade of orange mixing and melding to a raven's black. However they would probably miss the God of war atop a nearby hill. His attention was fixated on something. He stood quietly watching. Sounds of swordplay danced through the air like elephants stampeding through the plains in Africa.

Suddenly the sounds came to a stop. An eerie silence filled the air. The God of war still stood motionless. A single man was left standing on the battlefield. He was tired, very tired. Blood dripped from his torn clothing. A gaping wound just below his left rib needed immediate attention. The man clutching his wound staggered off towards the east. His expression was emotionless. As he walked he seemed to gain strength.

Ares arched an eyebrow. Then as silently as he stood only moments before, he vanished.

*Theme Music*

In the time of ancient gods...
and kings
a land in turmoil cried out for a hero.

She was Xena.
A mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.

The power.
The Passion.
The danger.

Her courage will change the world.

A.    Change scene to focus on Xena and Gabrielle walking in the dark.

B.    Stay with the stranger.

C.    Open with Ares and Hades arguing.

No story lines were stolen in the writing of this fan-fiction.
All similarities to real life are coincidental.