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The rebel god stood watching them, sneering in contempt for the concern his ex-student now seemed to possess. As the pathetic fool struggled against Hades' hold in order to tell his story, Ares mused on the depressingly peaceful image that young bardic piece of fluff was having on the raven who used to be his. He knew something had to be done - and he also knew that to do it effectively, he would have to...alter his tactics.

They shared a connection, he knew that.  He still felt it - and he knew that Xena did too.  She would never admit it of course; she had thought this new love had saved her.  But Ares knew that within Xena still
pumped the heart of a warrior - and that heart contained enough battle-lust to satisfy both God and bard...perhaps the thing she needed to turn her back to him was a little...conference between the three of them.  After this snivelling little puppy had told his story and died.

a.  Write about the "conference"

b. Hear the man's story

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Sapphix the Bark
26 July 1998