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Creeping closer towards the ancient pedestal, Autolycus knew that stealing the Diamond of Apollo would be the greatest challenge for the king of thieves. He had thought of many possible ways to steal the diamond, but by far this was his best. He mused at how cleaver he was to simply tunnel into the side of the mountain therefore bypassing all the traps that had been set. It would only be a matter of hours and then all this tunnelling would have be worth it.

As the legend goes the holder of the Diamond of Apollo controls the celestial bodies' champion warrior. This warrior was the most lethal killer with a far superior strength to that of Hercules. Autolycus thought nothing about the legend however the diamond was as big as a man's head, and that was enough for him.

a.  Have Autolycus enter the tomb with the pedestal

b. Cross back to Xena and the injured man

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 16 November 1998