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Ares appears at the brink of the underworld, in the presence of a dirty disgruntled guard.  Ares merely had an annoyed look on his face.

The guard approached Ares and said,"There ain't no one getting in without being dead fir..."

Ares had had enough of this.  He grabbed the guard by the throat and tossed him aside like nobodies business.

Next you see him approaching Hades.
"Hades you'd better have a DAMN good reason for fighting my warrior yesterday!"

Hades replied calmly "What the devil are you talking about."

Ares looked like he couldn't get any madder. Ares picked him up with one arm.

"Do you think I'm stupid" Ares continued "I have been watching Xena her entire life, do you actually think I couldn't tell if someone like you posed as her?"

Hades broke Ares's grip on him and gracefully fell to his feet.  "Fine, it was me, what of it.  You have other warriors.  I have plans for this one down here.  It also involves your little obsession...Xena"

Ares couldn't take any more.  He shot a full blast lightning bolt directly at Hades' head connecting perfectly. Hades fell to the ground, too stunned to get up.

"What kind of plans would you have for him!?!" Ares yelled.  He continued "Get Up you bastard of a God!"

Hades shot what appeared to be a desperate attempt to win the fight. A purple beam shot from the out streached arm of the fallen God of the Underworld.  Ares couldn't help himself but to smirk at that.  Ares, once again his smooth self, calmly approached Hades.  "I'll ask you once again, what plans do you have with my warrior that have anything to do with Xena?"

As those words left Ares's mouth... BANG... something had knocked Ares cold. Out of the shadows stepped Cupid with his battle bow and arrows.

"You'll just have to wait and see, won't you uncle" Cupid said.  Hades regained balance and picked Ares's resting body, and teleported it into a standing position on the wall.  He shot four more purple beams of light at him.  They materialized into shackles that held him to the wall.  They were made of Hefestas metal.  Witch no one can break. (blackout)

a. Stick with Ares, Cupid, and Haides

b. Go over to Xena and Gabby to see where they stand

c. See Hades approaching the now deceased Warrior coming to the underworld

d. Have Ares escape somehow and go to warn Xena

This page was kindly contributed by:

Danny Brown
 10 October 1998