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Cupid soon leaves the ailing Ares to return to Hades's side.

Hades's impatientce shows through:  "You took long enough, Cupid!"

The younger of the two chides, "If you were mortal, he would have killed you!"

This does not faze him:  "It suited my purposes.  Soon Ares will be defeated.  He will PAY for his crimes, and I will use his precious Xena against him!"

Cupid wonders about Ares's "crimes," but continues:  "Xena is a good tool, but she will not subside easily.  She does not fear you."

"We have no need for her physical self.  I will get Morpheus to entangle the two lovers' (Ares and Xena) dreams.  Then Ares will be tortured!  He will begin to believe that someone else has stolen Xena's heart, and whatever may be closest to a heart in him will ache!"

"What shall I do?"

"When the time is right--I will signal you--keep Gabrielle occupied."

a. Find out more on "Ares's crimes"

b. Go to Morpheus

c. Go to the tortured, unconscious Ares

d. Have Cupid make Xena fall for Ares

e. More on Hades's mischief:  Xena and Gabrielle are talking about Ares

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